Prof. X. Meng, Doctor Ph.D Advisor

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Prof. X. Meng

Correspondence: School of Computer Science and Technology, Software Park Campus, Shandong University, No.1500, Shunhua Road, Jinan, Shandong Province, P.R. China
Zip Code:250101

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Prof. X. Meng obtained Ph.D. degree from Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Science in 1998. Since 1982, he , arounding industrial design, product design, digital media, software services and other applications, carried out human-computer interaction and computer graphics theory and methods, virtual reality and virtual prototyping, grid computing and service computing, manufacturing of information technology and other areas of theoretical research and system development, Meng has obtained a series of high-level research. In recent years, he has completed and bear nuclear Golgi major projects, the national natural science funds, 973 plan, 863 plan and national eighten science and technology support projects , twenty provincial level research projects , He win two items of national science and technology progress Award(II)and provincial scientific and technological progress Award(II), 8 items of provincial level of science and technology progress Award(II) and also posted SCI and EI more than 100 papers, three monographs.

Research Interests

  • Human-Computer Interaction & Virtual Reality

  • Computer Graphics


  • Grid Computing

  • Visualization in Scientific Computing

Selected Publications And Papers

  • man-machine interactive: Principle and technology , Tsinghua University Press ,2004.8

  • man-machine interactive basic course,Tsinghua University Press,2010.7

  • Manufacturing grid, electronic industry press,2009.5

  • Specification and Enforcement of Flexible Security Policy for Active Cooperation,Elsevier International Journal of Information Sciences, 2009.1>

  • Silhouette smoothing for real-time rendering of mesh surfaces,IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics,2008.5

  • Integrating constraints to support legally flexible business processes,Springer Information Systems Frontiers,2009.6>

  • Scheduling Mobile Collaborating Workforce for Multiple Urgent Events,Journal of Network and Computer Applications,2011.2

  • Feature Extraction for Online Handwritten Characters Using Delaunay Triangulation,Computers & Graphics,2006.10

  • Geometry Texture Synthesis Based on Laplacian Texture Image,Journal of computer science and technology,2010.5

  • Hermite variational implicit surface reconstruction,Science in China, Series F,2009.2

  • Anisotropic Resizing and Deformation Preserving Geometric Texture,Science in China, Series F,2010.2

  • Upper Bounds on the Size of Inner Voronoi Diagrams of Multiply Connected Polygons,Journal of Software ,2006,17(7):1527-1534

  • Research on 3D Reconstruction for Visible Hand Based on Single View, CHINESE JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS,2006,29(3):448-456(In Chinese with English abstract)

  • Evolution-Based Style Transformation and Deformation for Line Drawings, JOURNAL OF COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN & COMPUTER GRAPHICS,2006,18(2):208-211(In Chinese with English abstract)

  • Research on Tracking Recognition Algorithms of Continuous Deformational Image and Its Application in Hand Gesture Recognition, CHINESE JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS,2006,29(1):153-160(In Chinese with English abstract)

  • Example-Based Style Translation and Customization for Line Drawings, CHINESE JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS,2005,28(6):965-971(In Chinese with English abstract)

  • Fragment Re-Assembly Based on LCS Matching, CHINESE JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS,2005,28(3):350-356(In Chinese with English abstract)

  • Detect Collision of Polytopes Using a Heuristic Search for Separating Vectors, CHINESE JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS , 2003,26(7):837-847

  • Studies on Separation and Printing of Color Images for Customize Color Printing Technology, JOURNAL OF SOFTWARE,2002,13(12):2281-2285 (In Chinese with English abstract)

  • Research on Object Constraints Model and Inverted Constraints in Parametric Design, CHINESE JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS, 2000,23(9): 991-995 (In Chinese with English abstract)

  • Undigraph-Based Whole Expression Model and Algorithm for the Skeleton of an Image, CHINESE JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS ,2000,23(3):293-299 (In Chinese with English abstract)

  • An Algorithm for Building Stochastic Clustered-Dot Screens, CHINESE JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS, 2000,23(9):938-942 (In Chinese with English abstract)

  • A Fractal Image Generating Algorithm Based on Fungal Growth Model, JOURNAL OF SOFTWARE, 1998,9(10):790-793 (In Chinese with English abstract)

  • Transform True Color Image to Pseudo Color by Wavelet Analysis ,JOURNAL OF SOFTWARE, 1999.6(Supp.):192-195(In Chinese with English abstract)

  • A New Parametric Geometry Modeling and Its Implementation ,CHINESE JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS , 1997,20(11): 982-988 (In Chinese with English abstract)


  • Shandong manufacturing information service platform, Science and Technology Progress Award(II) of Shandong Province ,p.1,2010

  • China Education and Research Grid National Science and Technology Progress Award(II), 2008, p.10

  • Shandong province key manufacturing informatization technology research and application engineering Science and Technology Progress Award(I) of Shandong Province,p.1,2007

  • China's education scientific research grid Ministry of Education Science and Technology Award Science and Technology Progress Award(I),p.10,2006

  • Integrated Computer Aided Patterns Design and Plate-making System State Scientific and Technological Progress Award (II), 2002.

  • Distributed Intelligent Patterns Design and Technologic Processing System Science and Technology Progress Award(II) of Ministry of Education

  • Electronic Printing and Color Separating System Science and Technology Progress Award(II) of Shandong Province

  • General Solid Modeling System Science and Technology Progress Award(II) of Shandong Province


Human-Computer Interaction doctoral courses
Technologies of CIMS
Advanced Computer Graphics graduate’s chief courses
Visualization in Scientific Computation
Advanced Language Programming(Java,Pascal) undergraduate’s chief basic courses
Data Safety


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