XIANG, Hui Ph.D   中文版 Chinese


Associate Professor

School of Computer Science and Technology

Shandong University

Shandanan Road 27

Jinan, Shandong, 250100

P. R. China

Tel:  +86-531-8364810

Email: hxiang@sdu.edu.cn

Research Interests

  • Virtual Reality Techniques and Applications

  • Multimedia Security and Compression

  • Multimedia Information Presentation

  • Content Based Retrieval of Multimedia Data

  • Human Computer Interaction

  • Parallel and Distributed Graphics

  • Grid-enabled Visualization

Conference Papers

1. Hui Xiang, Lindong Wang, Hai Lin, Jiaoying Shi,  Digital Watermarking Systems with Chaotic Sequences,  Electronic Imaging'99, Security and Watermarking  of Multimedia Contents,  SPIE Vol. 3657, pp.449-457, 1999.1

2.  Kangkang Yin, Zhigeng Pan, Hui Xiang, Jiaoying Shi, A Secure Transaction Model Based on Digital Steganography and Watermarking, Proc. Of the 6th International Conference on Computer Aided Design & Computer Graphics, Wen Hui Publishers, Vol 3, 1999, 1319-1322

3. Zhenbo Li, Xiangxu Meng, Hui Xiang, The Design and Implementation of Large Scaled Desktop Virtual Reality Systems,CCVRV'02,pp59-64,2002 (in Chinese)

4.  Zhenbo li,Xiangxu Meng,Hui Xiang,Chenglei Yang,Gesture-based Interaction in Digital Museum,HCI International 2003, Crete, Greece

5. KangKang Yin, Hui Xiang, Jiaoying Shi,The Research of Information Reordering for Lossy Image Compression Systems, Proc. of the 6th National Conference of Multimedia Technology, NCMT’97, Xi'an,1997.10  (in Chinese)

6. Hui Xiang, Sirong Zheng, The Study of the Parallel Polygon Rendering Algorithm for Multiprocessor Systems, The 3rd National Symposium on Computer Architecture, (in Chinese), 1993.10

Journal Papers

1. Hui Xiang, Jiaoying Shi, The Study of Information Reordering Techniques for Image Compression, Journal of CAD&CG (In Chinese), Vol. 8 (Suppl.)PP108113,1996, 10

2. Hui Xiang, Jiaoying Shi, The Study of Compressed Domain Multimedia Data Processing, Chinese Journal of Image and Graphics,4(A), No.7, 1999, pp539-543 (in Chinese)

3. Hui Xiang,Review of Digital Watermarking of Graphical Data, Journal of System Simulation, 2002, 14(12)

4Hui Xiang, Xiangxu Meng, Chenglei Yang, Design and Implementation of Digital Archaeology Museum of Shandong University, Journal of System Simulation,2003, 15(3)

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11. Zhenbo Li, Xiangxu Meng, Hui Xiang, The Research And Implementation of Constructing Complicated Interactive Virtual Scenes, Journal of System Simulation, 2002, 2002, 14(9): 1183-1187.

12. Shijun Liu, Xiangxu Meng, Hui Xiang, Research on the Data Integration of Cultural relic Digital Museum Based on XML, Journal of System Simulation, 2002, 2002, 14(9): 1183-1187 2002, 14(12): 1624-1627



  1.    Shandong University Archeological Digital Museum , National Collegiate Digital Museum System Program, Ministry of educatio n P. R. China,2001-2002

  2. The Techniques and Its Application of Dimensional Transformation of  Multimedia Data, National Natural Science Foundation of China (69573028),1996-1999

  3.    Research on Key Technologies and Typical Applications for Virtual Prototypes, National 863 Program, 2002-2004 (Cooperation with Zhejiang University)

  4.     Research on Key Technologies and Applications of Multimedia Security, Natural Science Foundation of Shandong University for Youth,2002-2003

  5.     Research on Key Technologies for Human Computer Interaction and Virtual Reality, Supported by the Teaching and Research Award Program for Outstanding Young Teachers in Higher Education Institutions of MOE, P.R.C.,2001-2004

  6. Intelligent Pattern Design based on NPR, Key Project of Natural Science Fundation of Shandong Province, Z2002G01,2002-2005

  7. Research on Key Technologies and Its application of Middleware,Science and Techology Develop Program of Shandong Province, 2001-2003




     计算机辅助设计 计算机学院2003秋    软件工程硕士2003秋

     多媒体技术 计算机学院本科2003秋    软件工程硕士2003秋  软件学院本科2003春


2001-         Associate Professor

             School of Computer Science and Technology

             Shandong University

1999-2000     Research Associate

             University Wisconsin Madison

1996-1999     Ph. D, Computer Science

             Zhejiang University

1993-1996     Master, Computer Science

             Zhejiang University

1988-1993     Bachelor, Computer Science

             University of Science and Technology of China


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