Prof. J. Wang
Doctor Ph.D Advisor
Tel: (86) 531-8364810
Rm 501 Run Run Shaw Science Building,
East District (New Campus), Shandong University.
Prof. Wang graduated from the Dept. of Mathematics of Shandong University in 1959.Now he is a Professor of Dept. of Computer Science and Technology of Shandong University. He has gone to the University of East Anglia, UK as an invited visitor in 1979, and has been a  Senior Fellow at GINTIC Institute of Manufacturing Technology of Singapore from 1991. Prof. Wang has led several national, provincial and departmental projects, and published about 50 papers in domestic and foreign major publications and conferences in the related areas.
Research Interests:

Computer Graphics; Computational Geometry; Computer Aided Geometric Design.

Representative Publications:

[1] R.Tang, J.Y. Wang, Q. Peng  Computer Graphics Course  Science Press, Beijing 2000.

[2] J.Y. Wang, D.Y.Liu, E.W.Lee, T.H.Koh, An Algorithm for Nesting Pattern in Apparel, Proceeding of the 3rd International Conference on Computer Integrated Manufacturing,359-366(1995).

[3] J.Y. Wang, X.Q.Li, An Algorithm for a Mobile Automation Moving in an Enviroment with Unknown Obstacles. Proceeding of the second Asian Conference on Computer Vision.(1995).

[4] J.Y. Wang, W.P.Wang, D.Y.Liu, Optimal Expected-Time Algorithm for Voronoi Diagram of Disjoint Polygonal Object. Proceedings of the International Conference on Manufacturing Automation(1997)

[5] J.Y. Wang, S.H.Boey, E.W.Lee, Optimal Expected-Time Algorithm for Finding Largest Circle and its application on PCB Stamping Mould Design. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Computer Integrated Manufacturing£¬(1997)

[6] J.Y. Wang, X. Meng, Modification in Parametric Design J.of Comp.Sci.&Technol.Vo13,No.12, 1998

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