Fan Zhong (钟 凡)

School of Computer Science and Technology

Shandong University


About Me

I received my Ph.D degree from State Key Lab. of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University in Dec. 2010, and joined Lab. of HCI&VR, Shandong University in May 2011. My research interests include image and video processing, augmented reality, etc.

Selected Papers
Fan Zhong, Song Yang, Xueying Qin, Dani Lischinski, Daniel Cohen-Or, Baoquan Chen: Slippage-free Background Replacement for Hand-held Video, ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2014, VOL. 33(6). ( In SIGGRAPH Asia' 2014 ) [.PDF, Project]
Fan Zhong, Xueying Qin, Qunsheng Peng, Xiangxu Meng: Discontinuity-Aware Video Object Cutout, ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2012, VOL. 31(6), pp 175:1-175:10. ( In SIGGRAPH Asia' 2012 ) [.PDF, Project]
Fan Zhong, Xueying Qin, Qunsheng Peng: Robust image segmentation against complex color distribution, The Visual Computer, 2011, VOL. 27, pp 707-716. ( In Computer Graphics International' 2011 ) [.PDF]
Fan Zhong, Xueying Qin, Qunsheng Peng: Transductive Segmentation of Live Video with Non-Stationary Background, In CVPR 2010, pp 2189-2196. (.PDF)
Fan Zhong, Xueying Qin, Jiazhou Chen, Wei Hua, Qunsheng Peng: Confidence-based Color Modeling for Online Video Segmentation, In ACCV 2009, pp 697-706 (.PDF).
钟凡,秦学英,陈佳舟,莫铭臻,彭群生:在线视频分割实时后处理,计算机学报,2009,VOL. 32 (2),pp 261-267。(.PDF).

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